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In 2014, an article was published by a well-known blog that evaluated how well scopes in the $1,500 - $4,000 range tracked. The surprising find was that most high-end scopes have a tracking error between 1.0% - 2.5%. This might seem small but 2.0% in tracking error translates to 7.2" at 1,000 yards. An error that could result in a miss. If we look at scopes priced under $1,000, a tracking error of 2.0% - 5.0% is common and widely accepted by the unaware consumer. The potential miss would be between 7.2" - 18.0" off the shooter's point of aim at 1,000 yards. Unacceptable.

The primary function of a scope is to aid the shooter in hitting the designated target. Providing rugged precision is the most crucial aspect of any high-end optic. Creating a scope with extreme clarity, brightness, and dependable repeatability at an affordable price for the everyday shooter has been a challenge for the optics industry. No more.

Arken Optics rose to this challenge by producing rugged scopes that provide these high-end features and precise tracking. Use our scopes with confidence! Arken Optics is the first in the industry to offer a precision tracking guarantee. We use the best materials and the most advanced features available within a price that most shooters can afford. We stand behind our products 100% by providing a Lifetime Warranty and our exclusive Precision Tracking Guarantee on every scope we build.