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Precision tracking, excellent light transmission, and dependability help us define the tangible quality of a rifle scope.

Unfortunately, by its nature, ‘quality’ is very subjective, and pricing set by markets may not be indicative of these values.
Arken Optics, however, looks to provide the highest possible version of these properties, at the lowest possible cost to the end-user.

We only provide our best products to our customers. Our best, regardless of industry standards, is demonstrated by excellent craftsmanship and execution. We will not build a low-quality scope for a low price and a high-quality scope at a high price for the sake of profits. We won’t compromise our mission, character or integrity.

Arken Optics is built on these simple ideals and our obvious love for freedom. This is our passion. This is what we have chosen.  We thank you for the support, that bolsters our pursuits.